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Research Resources

Sustainability as a discipline has been growing for several years. There are a ton of resources available for sustainability researchers of all shapes and sizes, from serious scholars to casual perusers. Check out some of the links below.

Sustainability Pedagogy

Originally developed by Heather Burns are Portland State University, The Burns Model of Sustainable Pedagogy is founded upon the intersections between several established and reputable educational concepts, including experiential learning, as originally posited by Kolb (1975, 1984, 1996), place-based learning, critical pedagogy (Friere, 1968), and Transformative Learning, pioneered by Mezirow (1978), and further developed by Cranton (2006), among others. 

Arizona State University's Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools Toolkit

ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability contains a compendium of knowledge and research around various sustainability issues. The S4 website itself contains a great amount of research, including curriculum design examples. Though they are geared primarily for K-12 schools, these curricula examples can easily be adapted for the college classroom. 

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

AASHE is a national organization emphasizing an increase in sustainability teaching and action in higher education. Thier Resource Page provides a large list of helpful research tips and tools for staff, faculty, and students to utilize. 

Tips for Teaching Sustainability- Vanderbilt University

A great list of tips for effectively teaching about sustainability in the classroom. Includes commons pitfalls and ways to frame issues effectively.