Other Leave

Personal Leave
Employees can draw up to 40 hours of sick leave per fiscal year to use for unplanned events or events that only the employee can attend. 

Voting Leave
The University of Central Oklahoma is committed to giving all employees a reasonable amount of paid time off for the purpose of voting in national, state and local elections. Any registered voter employed at the University will be granted two hours of paid time off during the period when the election polls are open.

Funeral Leave
Regular full-time employees will be granted paid leave, not counted against sick or vacation accruals, for deaths in the immediate family or for the funeral of a relative. Time off is determined by the relationship of the employee to the deceased.

Jury Duty
Time taken to respond to a summons or serve on a jury will not be counted against sick, vacation or personal leave. Employees summoned to be on jury duty must submit a copy of the summons with the Request/Approval of Leave Form.

Military Leave
All UCO employees who are officers or enlisted in any component of the United States armed forces shall, when ordered by proper authority to active duty or service, be entitled to a leave of absence for such active service. There will be no loss of employment status and no loss of pay for up to 30 working days.

Disaster Leave
In the case of a natural disaster, employees are allowed to use up to 10 accrued sick days to deal with the aftermath of the disaster.