Steps to Retirement from Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System and UCO

To retire, employees must have at least 10 consecutive years with OTRS and UCO immediately preceding their retirement. Employees retiring without 10 consecutive years with OTRS and UCO will be considered as a resignation and will not be offered benefit continuation outside of COBRA. 

  • 6 months before your retirement date, confirm your OTRS retirement eligibility date by calling OTRS at 405-521-2387.
  • 3 months before your retirement date, send OTRS your Pre-Retirement Information Verification at least 90 days before your retirement date.
  • 2 months prior to your retirement date, notify your department of your intent to retire. Write a letter to the department chair or supervisor informing them of your intent to retire, including your last day of work. Please send a copy of this letter to the Benefits Department.
    • OTRS must receive your completed Pre-Retirement Information Verification Form. OTRS will then send you a Retirement Allowance Estimate (Form 40.04).
    • OTRS must receive your completed Retirement Allowance Estimate (Form 40.04). They will then send you several forms to complete.
    • If you are or will be eligible for Medicare Benefits when you retire, you should begin the enrollment process for Medicare Parts A and B by contacting your local Social Security Office. You will be given a Request for Employment Information form to document your current insurance coverage. The Benefits Department will complete this form for you.
  • 1 month before your retirement date, return all completed documents including your final contract and direct deposit information to OTRS. The Benefits Department will schedule a meeting with you to review you benefit elections during retirement, update beneficiary information, set up your medical payments by bank draft and, if eligible, set up the direct deposit for the Supplemental Retirement Annuity. 

Calculating Benefits and Teachers' Retirement

To estimate benefits with OTRS, register for the OTRS client portal:

1. Click the “Register” button
2. Enter personal information and wait for a PIN to arrive at your home via USPS
3. Use the PIN to log in
4. Scroll down to view Total Compensation Summary

The client portal allows members to view account balances, years of service and retirement benefit estimates.


  • Unused sick leave can be used to add up to one year of OTRS service.
  • Any changes to or cancellation of the retirement contract must be in writing, and received 30 days by OTRS and UCO prior to the effective retirement date.
  • Any questions regarding the timelines should be directed to OTRS.