Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Employee Tuition Waiver

Who is eligible to apply for the Waiver?
All full-time UCO employees with at least 6 months of consecutive full-time service.

Is there a form to fill out to request the waiver for myself?

Yes, here is the application.

Do I have to apply every semester?

No, you’ll only need to complete the application once. However, if your waiver is transferred to an eligible dependent, you may be required to submit proof of dependent status annually.

Are UCO Adjuncts and Contractors eligible?


Can retired employees use the Waiver?

Yes, retired employees are eligible to audit coursework at UCO up to six hours per semester.

Can someone else use my Waiver?

Yes, the waiver is transferable to eligible spouse, partner and/or dependents of UCO employees.

Can employees transfer the Waiver to grandchildren or siblings?

Yes, as long as they meet dependent requirements per IRS guidelines.

How do I request the waiver for my spouse or dependent?

Employee needs to complete the Full-Time Dependent Waiver Application. Application needs to accompany proof of spouse/dependent relationship like a Marriage Certificate or page 1 of the most recent year’s 1040 tax form. Submit a copy to no later than the Monday before classes begin.

If my dependent is using my Waiver, can they fill out the application?

No, UCO employees must fill out the application for any eligible dependents.

What is considered proof of dependent status?

A marriage license for spouse/partner or the first page of the most recent tax year’s 1040 form.

Does the Waiver apply to the summer semester or intersessions?  
Yes, the Waiver can be used in any semester, but it is limited to $1,500 annually or $750 per semester.

Does the Waiver apply to SPOC courses?

No, only classes that align with a semester timeline are eligible.

Can the Waiver apply towards a study abroad program?


When will the waiver be applied to my account?

You will see the waiver on your account if you have sent your application and any supporting documents to the Benefits Department the Monday before classes begin. If you did not meet the deadline or you’re applying for a Block II class, you will see the waiver 30 days after your request and you may be subject to any Bursar imposed fees.

Why didn’t the waiver automatically apply toward my account?

Waivers are only automatically applied to employees continuously using the waiver. Employees requesting the waiver for the first time or for dependents must fill out an application.

Who do I contact to request the waiver?

You need to fill out this application and submit it to no later than the Monday before classes begin.

How do I apply for the Tuition Wavier?

Complete the application and send it to the Benefits Department the Monday before classes begin.

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