What to Know After Your First Week

Congratulations on completing New Employee Training!

What now?

  • Introductory (Probationary) Period

Every new employee goes through an initial period of adjustment to learn about the University, and to learn about his or her job. During this time the employee will have an opportunity to find out if he or she is suited to, and likes, his or her new position. Additionally, the introductory employment period gives the employee's supervisor a reasonable period of time to evaluate his or her performance.

The standard introductory period for any new position, transferred, or promoted employee is three months. This period is an extension of the selection process. If it is determined the employee is not performing at the level of expectation for the position, he or she may be dismissed without further consideration, and without access to the University’s Corrective Action Guidelines or Grievance of Termination procedures. Under appropriate circumstances, the introductory employment period may be extended.

At the end of the introductory employment period, and provided his or her job performance is satisfactory, an employee will continue employment with the University as an at-will employee.

What to Know After 30 Days of UCO Employment 

By now you should have accomplished the following. If you are missing something from this list, please call 974-2932 and we’ll help you get scheduled:

Week One

  • Day 1
    • Attend New Employee Training orientation
    • Turn in Hiring Paperwork
    • Get Faculty/Staff ID
  • Day 2
    • Report to your supervisor/department for work
    • Display Parking decal on vehicle
  • Day 3
    • Attend additional new hire training as indicated on schedule received on first day
    • Deadline to turn in Benefits forms

Week Two

  • Complete Professional Development training as indicated on schedule received on first day
  • Complete Banner Navigation training as indicated on schedule received on first day  
  • Register for additional required training through The Learning Center

 Week Three

  • Complete online Cyber Security Training
  • Complete online Safety Training
  • Complete Anti-Harassment Training
  • Turn in degree transcript to HR if required for position

What to Know After 60 Days of Employment at UCO

  • The Learning Center

Most training activities can be found in one central location. The UCO Learning Center is a web-based learning management system provided exclusively for UCO faculty and staff to participate, schedule, and track their training and professional development activities.

Benefits for Employees:

  • Self-service portal with a searchable calendar of learning and professional development opportunities provided by UCO departments including classroom, virtual classroom, on-line, on-the-Job, off-site, lending library.
  • Self-enroll and manage your registrations.
  • Receive automated confirmation of registration and entry into your Outlook calendar.
  • View transcript of completed training with option to print certificates of completion.

Benefits for Managers:

  • Establish training plans for employee development.
  • Receive reports on employee learning and professional development activities, including mandatory training.