Departmental Training

In addition to offering general instructor-led classroom sessions and online training to UCO employees, the Professional Development department also works directly with individual department managers to determine their training needs and provide just-in-time training, including consultation and needs assessment, upon request.  To request departmental training, complete and return this form to the Professional Development Department at or Box 175. 

Departmental training offers many advantages, including:

  • Sessions designed around most any topic
  • Specified locations, tailored content and program length to meet department needs
  • Costs less than bringing in an outside consultant
  • Can be taught by an employee who is familiar with UCO culture, goals and mission

Departmental training should be requested under the following circumstances:

  • You need specific training that is not on our training schedule.
  • You are unsure of your training needs and would like us to make an assessment and help you develop a plan.
  • Your entire department must be trained at one time.
  • You need content and support materials that are specific to your department.

The Professional Development Department can bring to your area tailored, departmentalized training based upon your needs. We have team building activities that are fun, meaningful, and filled with useful content. If you are a new manager, new to UCO, or recently realized that your department has a lot of new faces, let us know and we can help you build a cohesive team.  


Are you hosting an event or departmental retreat? Let us know and we can give you options for the perfect speaker and creative venues, on or off campus, that will fit your needs. Our goal is to save you time researching all of the various options, so let us know how we can help.