Learning Tracks & Certificate Programs

The Learning Track Certificate Program is designed to provide UCO employees with self-paced, directed learning experiences in 11 key areas, plus a "Design Your Own Learning Track" option. Participants can select from our list of online courses or attend any on or off-campus instructor-led learning and development course that fall within the scope of the learning track selected.



Learning Tracks

Business Writing & Grammar Basics

Picture of a Woman Writing on a Notepad


Picture of Women talking and communicating with each other

Customer ServiceSomeone writing the words We Can Help on glass

Health & WellnessGraphic with text


One lit light bulb in front of 20 bulbs that aren't lit.


Picture of a Red Chess Piece Standing in Front of Other Chess Pieces Representing Managing or Leading Others

Professional Development

Word Cloud for Professional Development

Project Management

Clipboard with the text Project Management on the document

Student Employee Track

Student looking up with

Create Your Own Track

Photo of many shop tools