Records Management

Do you sometimes feel like you are buried under paper you have no room for? Not sure if you should shred or store? No more filing room to store? Records Management is here to help. 

We hope the following will help you better understand the Records Management Process.

Retention of Records

The retention of records is governed by the Oklahoma Archives and Records Commission, which has established a records retention and destruction policy. The following is a brief summation of a 100-page policy. This should be used in ordinary circumstances. It does not supersede federal or state statute or regulation, or audit or financial requirements.  For questions about records not mentioned below, or if you need further information, contact the Office of Legal Counsel at 974-3377.   


  • Completed tests, exams, and papers (if not returned to students) - keep until expiration of academic appeals period.
  • Class rolls and grade sheets - keep 5 years, then destroy if no complaints have been filed.
  • Grade Book - if not kept in D2L or other electronic means, keep 5 years if no appeal is taken.


  • Course Syllabus - keep 1 year after end of course, then destroy.
  • New course proposals - keel 1 year.
  • Curriculum files - keep files concerned development of curriculum for 2 years after the record is superseded or obsolete.
  • Search Committee files (notes & other materials not available online) - keep 2 years after record was made if no charge of discrimination has been filed. 
  • Tenure & Promotion - materials not submitted to Dean or Academic Affairs should be retained 5 years if no legal action is pending.
  • Practicum & Internship Agreements - departments should keep and place in individual student records file. 


  • Correspondence, memos, & Announcements of all offices, task forces, & conferences on and off campus - keep 5 years, review, scan, then destroy originals. 
  • Committee Files & minutes - keep 5 years, review, scan, then destroy originals. 
  • Policies & Procedures - keep scanned copy permanently. 
  • Reports - reports created by your office should be retained 5 years, scanned, and destroyed if no longer in use. 
  • Staff Meeting files & minutes - keep 5 years, scan, then destroy originals. 
  • Publications/Speeches - publications and transcripts of all speeches of President, VPs, and other staff should be kept 2 years, scanned, then destroyed.
  • Waivers & Releases of Liability - keep 1 year if no legal action is filed; 2 years after exhaustion of all legal remedies if legal action is filed.
  • Warranties for equipment purchased - retain in office until equipment is surpluses or no longer used if no legal action is filed.
  • Leave Requests - keep the form in office for 3 years.
  • Recruitment & Search Committee files - records regarding the successful candidate should be sent to HR for filing. All other records should be kept 2 years, if no discrimination complaint has been filed. 

All other records should be retained until the appropriate disposition is determined by Legal. 

Storage Offsite Procedures

The following is a step-by-step process for you to box up those documents that will need to be stored offsite until it is time to destroy them. 

  • Contact Jerri Wickett by email to get the empty storage boxes pulled and ready for you to pick up at her office (ADM 204).
  • Forms can be picked up with the boxes or ask Jerri to email them to you.
  • Instructions to complete each form:
    • Record Box Label - print on your own blank labels. They are to be put on the INFORMATION SIDE of the box, NOT on the top. See example.
    • Record Transfer Form - complete all sections except the gray areas marked RM section. This is the form that Jerri will enter your information into the database for Midcon (they are the storage facility). Keep it simple. See example.
    • Box Content - you have two pages in case you need both. This is where you give more details on the contents of each box. Department box number must be the same as on the Record Transfer form for that box. File number is your number so you can readily ID that file. The description should be short and to the point so that you will know what it is; the content form is what we would use to pull boxes back from Midcon if needed. See example. Make sure you keep copies of your completed paperwork so you will have the information. 
    • After you have completed all the paperwork and gotten your boxes filed and labeled, you are ready to have them stored. Email Jerri and let her know how many boxes you have. She will let you know when you can bring them to ADM 204.
    • If you have boxes that you need pulled and brought back to you, email Jerri with the box number and department name that you have your copy of paperwork and she will have it brought over from Midcon. Jerri will notify you when the boxes are back in her office for you to pick up.

Remember to check and see if you really need to store the documents before completing the process of storage. 


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