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UCO Hiring Procedures

Depending on the type of employee you are looking to hire, there are different processes you need to follow - please use the documents on this page to help guide you!

This contains details on:

Looking to hire a Temp and need to know how to pay them? 

Screening Committee Training

If you are serving on a hiring/screening committee, please ensure you have attended either Staff/Professional or Faculty Screening Committee Training within the past 24 months. You can sign up to the next available date by searching for “screening” in the learning center

BERKE Pre-employment assessment tool

The Berke Pre-employment assessment tool is a free resource available to all departments. The tool assesses candidates against personality and talent traits directly related to the role you are hiring for. The result is a “Job Fit Report” and “Interview Guide” for each candidate that gives you an extra source of comparison to increase your ability to select the best candidate for your department! For more details and how to get started, see slides 34-53 of the “UCO Hiring Procedures” document above.

What other departments using the Berke Pre-employment assessment tool have said:

“This tool provides wonderful insight when framing our interview questions. It provides great suggestions on areas we might want to explore deeper with the candidate to ensure they are indeed the right fit for the job.” – Anne Holzberlein (VP for Development & President UCO Foundation)

“The Department of Mass Communication was one of the first academic departments to use the Berke Pre Employment Assessment. It is phenomenal!  It provided additional insight for our staff and faculty applicant pool and assisted us in making good hiring decisions. In terms of the people we hired, the Berke results were exceptionally accurate.” – Rozilyn Miller, Ph.D. (Director, Leadership Minor & Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts)

“Berke provides insight on a broad spectrum of skills that come in to play once an applicant becomes our new hire. What I like best about the feedback is that it helps me make a more informed hiring decision and develop a strategy for helping my new hire be successful by playing to their strengths.” – Geoff Willis (Assistant Dean for Curriculum Management and Global Activities, Information Systems & Op Mgmt)

“The Berke Assessment is a great tool to increase team diversity.  Not only does it help predict a good job fit, it also helps me-as a supervisor-specifically identify candidates whose strengths compliment the needs of my team.” – Amy Rogalsky, MLA, NBCT. (Student Support Services Programs, TEACH Project Director)


Useful Resources:

Student Employee Info

Hiring International Employees


  • Due to the passage of House Bill 1804, state employers are now required to verify citizenship of new employees through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As of November 1, 2007, UCO will verify all I-9 information through an online system.