Lean Education

Lean Education at UCO

UCO offers two Professional Development courses designed to teach Lean thinking and developing Lean processes. These courses are each offered once per semester. Look for upcoming dates in Centralities and Broncho Beat. You can also check the Professional Development webpage or contact UCO’s Process Improvement Coordinator, Scott DeBoard, at sdeboard@uco.edu or 405-974-2540 for more details.

Lean 101

In this 2 hour course you will learn what Lean is and the history of Lean principles.  You will be able to identify a process and look for areas of waste commonly found in a process.  We will discuss how Lean affects every area of UCO and work through some common flows of a typical Lean Process (5S, Value Stream Mapping, and Project Teams).  After taking this class you will be able to understand your role in identifying Lean opportunities and understand how to use your leadership to implement Lean within your own department and/or across campus.

Lean Thinking

Was the Lean 101 class not enough for you? You’re in luck! This class will dive into the specifics of facilitating a lean process project from start to finish.  We will discuss methods for developing a Lean team and look at issues that facilitating cross functional teams sometimes brings.  We will discuss the importance of Value Stream Mapping and see how this tool helps visualize an entire process.  This hands on class will challenge teams to work through a process together from beginning to end.  We will walk through each step of holding a Lean facilitation meeting from beginning meetings, process charters, mapping out the current state of a process, mapping out a future state of a process and using the objectives you learned in Lean 101 to complete a full process improvement Lean project. This course is a hands on experience that will give you a better understanding of when to initiate a Lean project, how to look for process improvement opportunities and where to get started once these are identified.