Beware of Fraudulent Emails

The UCO Procurement Services department wishes to alert suppliers of recent activity involving scams that appear to be asking for price quotes or purchase orders on behalf of UCO.

We regret we are not able to prevent this illegal activity but will remain diligent in our efforts to report these scams to law enforcement to actively investigate this internet crime.

Please be aware of a few of the common signs of these fraudulent emails and be very suspicious of emails that include the following:

  • Poorly written emails with poor grammar and typographical errors.

  • Emails that request shipment or delivery to another address that appears to be off campus or to another state.

  • Examples of sender email addresses that are fraudulent: These emails are not associated with the University.

If unsure, please contact the University of Central Oklahoma Procurement Services Department directly at 405-974-3340.  

Procurement Services

FY 19 End of Year Processing Dates:

  • April 15 - Last day to submit a requisition for $50,000 or more

  • May 31 - Last day to enter travel authorizations in the TEM module

  • June 7 - Last day to submit a requisition for $50,000 or less

  • June 17 - Recommended final PCard transaction date

  • June 19 - Last day to submit expense correction request

  • June 21 - Invoices due to AP (No payment guarantee if submitted after this date.)

  • June 25 - PCard upload from JP Morgan 

  • June 28 - Last business day of FY19, Final PCard upload, all charges must be posted by this day to be in FY19 

***New UCO Travel Agent***

Effective July 27, 2018, UCO's travel agent will change from Ethel's Travel Haus to Travel Incorporated.  UCO travelers should contact Travel Incorporated to request airfare quotes using the steps below:

  1. Continue to research flight availability and pricing via your normal means - Expedia, Travelocity, etc.,
  2. Contact Travel Incorporated by phone or email for an airfare quote:  800-237-1248 or;
  3. Once the quote is received from Travel Incorporated, the process to purchase the ticket will remain the same via the UCO Travel Office.  The Travel Incorporated ticketing fee is $20.00.  All other travel policies remain the same.

This change is the first step in UCO's transition to a new travel and expense management system, SAP Concur.  SAP Concur is a worldwide travel company that already serves many higher education clients in Oklahoma and throughout the country.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.  Contact the UCO Travel Office at 974-3737 with any questions.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to procure goods and services in the most cost effective and efficient manner to support needs of the University of Central Oklahoma, while also encouraging competition among vendors through fair negotiating within quote seeking, solicitations, and consortium purchasing. 

Our intention is to process payments to valued vendor partners in a timely manner. 

Relationships matter. 

With this, we maintain a commitment to excellence through professional ethics, customer service, and best business practices while ensuring compliance with all University policies and procedures, RUSO Policy, Oklahoma Statutes, and the Oklahoma Department of State Finance.

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Contact Information:

Address: Campus Box 161, 100 North University Drive, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Location: Lillard Administration, ADM 109

Office Phone: (405) 974-3340

Office Fax: (405) 974-3838