Call 405-974-2345 or 9-1-1
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fax: 405-974-3872
Located on the west side of main campus along University Drive, west of the Education Building.
Jeff Harp
Executive Director/Chief of Police

Julius Adkins
Deputy Chief
Broncho Five-O: 974-FIVE (3483)





For ALL Medical Emergencies, call 9-1-1. UCO Police will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency on campus. For your safety it is best to contact medical services ASAP.

If you need to speak with an Officer in person you can visit the station at any time, located here.

Access Control

The Access Control Unit is a division of the University Police. This unit is responsible for all matters related to key issuance and lock core management for UCO facilities. Access Control also provides maintenance of locking hardware, doors, and other lock/door related assets. Key issuance within residential facilities is managed by staff from Housing and Dining Services.

Faculty and staff needing key(s) for a particular location on campus must initiate a request with their Building Captain who, once it is approved at the departmental level, will submit a work order to the Department of the Physical Plant through UCO’s FAMIS Work Order system. Access Control staff then verify the information in the work order and process the request. The Building Captain and the faculty or staff member is then notified that the key(s) is available for pickup at the Police Services building. Keys may be picked up or turned in at any time, 24 hours a day. Faculty and staff who are leaving employment with UCO must turn in all issued keys through the University Police pursuant to the employment exit process overseen by the Office of Human Resources (974-2366). Department supervisors may submit a key request form as soon as a new employee has accepted an offer of employment. Access Control will process the request, and will either deliver the key to the new employee on the first day of employment (new employee orientation) or the key will be available for pick-up at Police Services once notification has been made to the recipient.

Keys for academic or administrative structures will not be issued to undergraduate students except in special circumstances. A vice president’s approval is required before any key is issued to an undergraduate student for an academic or administrative building. Problems with lock cores, broken or damaged keys, or other problems that prevent access or closure should be reported to Access Control immediately. If a problem exists that prevents a facility from being secured as is necessary, it should be reported to the University Police immediately so that alternative security actions can be implemented. Reported repairs will be handled in a prompt manner.