Bicycle Registration

TPS offers free bicycle registration for UCO faculty, staff, and students on their personal bicycles. Once registered bicycle permits may be picked up from our office on the third floor of the Nigh University Center - NUC 309A.

How To Register

To register a personal bike:

1. Go to

2. Look for an YELLOW box titled "Parking Account"

3. Click "Purchase Permit"

4. On the Parking Account Main web page click "Purchase Permit"

5. On the Customer Authentication page put in your UCO username & password

6. Click "Purchase Permit" and click NEXT

7. Select permit and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click NEXT

8. Select your bicycle or if your bicycle is not listed click "Add Bike" (You will need your serial number, bicycle model and type. You may also upload a photo of your bicycle.)

9. There is no charge for bicycle permits. If you are only purchasing a bicycle permit, click “pay now” on the View Cart screen. Then on the Payment screen, click “pay now” again. Your permit will be immediately available for pick up at the parking office located in the Nigh University Center Rm 309A.

Benefits to Registering

By registering and putting a bicycle permit on your personal bicycle the TPS office will be able to better assist you in times of need. By having a registered permit displayed we are able to determine the owner, which is helpful in recovering lost or stolen bikes. This is also beneficial if the owner forgets their bicycle lock combination or loses the key, as we are only able to cut off locks if we can verify ownership.