How to Add a Vehicle

1. Go to

2. Scroll to a YELLOW box titled "Parking Account"

3. Click on "Manage My Account"

4. Click on "Manage My Parking Account"

5. Click on "UCO Login" 

6. On the Customer Authentication page put in your UCO username & password

7. Click on "Manage Your Vehicles"

8. Click "Add Vehicle"

9. Enter the required information (plate number, confirm plate, relationship to vehicle, state, make, model, color, and style)

  • If you have a paper tag, in the license plate box enter "VN" + the last 8 of the VIN, then in the VIN box, enter the entire 16 digit VIN

10. Click "Next"

11. No insurance information is needed, click "Next" (**This will add the vehicle to your account**)

Making Changes to Existing Vehicles

If you need to make changes such as ending the relationship, correcting wrong information, etc. you will need to contact TPS for assistance at or 409-974-2780.