How to Order a Parking Permit

1. Go to

2. Look for a YELLOW box titled “Parking Account.”

3. Click “Purchase Permits.” A new page will open.

4. Click “Get Permits.”

5. Log in using your UCO username/password.

6. Click “Purchase Permit” again then click next.

7. Select the permit you’d like to order and agree to the Terms and Conditions – then click next.

8. Select your vehicle (If you have a new vehicle or have not registered it with us before you will need the license plate number, make, model and color).

9. Choose the delivery address from the dropdown box and click next. Your permit will be mailed to the selected address.

10. Select payment method (Bill to Bursar or pay with a credit card).

  • If you choose to bill it to your Bursar account the charge will appear on your account during the first week of August.
  • If you pay with a card you will get a screen asking for a voucher code, skip this step to get to payment info screen.

11. Click “Pay Now” on the Payment Information Screen.

12. Permits will be mailed to the address selected in step 9.

  • How to print your temporary permit when ordering: On the payment receipt screen, click “Print Temporary Permit” located under “Description” in your purchased items. Print this permit and place it on your driver’s side dashboard. It will be valid for 10 days from the date your permit was purchased

  • How to print at a later time/date: find the receipt that was sent to the email address you selected when ordering your permit: click on “Download Printable Permit”