Physical Disability & Medical Permit

UCO Disability Permit

Students, faculty, and staff who have a state issued physical disability placard are eligible to purchase a UCO disability permit that allows parking in any handicap spaces on campus as well as any legal space that is not marked reserved. This permit is also valid in visitor pay-to-park lots at no charge. This permit is required and must be displayed alongside the state-issued placard or license plate, to park in any handicap spaces on campus. (If you are not a UCO student, faculty or staff member please see ADA Accessible Visitor Parking below).

Customers requiring a UCO disability permit must email a copy of their state issued physical disability placard to and order their permit online. TPS will verify ownership of the placard with the state before the UCO disability permit will be mailed; only the owner of the state issued placard may register that placard with UCO.

If the handicap placard expires, the UCO disability permit must be exchanged for the appropriate annual permit based on the individuals UCO classification (i.e. commuter, housing, faculty/staff, etc.).

ADA Accessible Visitor Parking

There are reserved handicap spaces available in the Nigh University Center visitor pay-to-park lot (lot 10), the Library visitor pay-to-park lot (lot 31), and the Old North visitor pay-to-park lot (lot 57) which can be utilized by individuals without a UCO permit who have a valid state issued physical disability placard displayed; time parked must still be paid for. If a customer needs to park in the reserved handicap space in a permit required parking lot they must purchase a visitor permit from the TPS office. Please refer to our Visitor Parking Map, for where these lots are located.

Medical Permit

Individuals with a short-term medical impairment can request a temporary Medical Permit. A physician's statement stating the nature and length of the impairment is required. Medical permits will be issued for no more than eight weeks per academic year. A state issued temporary physical disability placard will be required for impairments longer than eight weeks.

Medical permits must be displayed with a purchased, valid UCO permit, and are valid in Faculty/Staff, Commuter, Housing lots, and the Visitor Pay-to-Park Lots. These permits do not give authorizations to park in physical disability spaces; a state-issued placard is required.