Visitor & Event Parking

UCO defines a visitor as any person unaffiliated with UCO as an employee, student, vendor, office occupant, or tenant. Visitor parking lots are the only lots on UCO's campus that vehicles without a parking permit may park without receiving a citation.

Certain spaces and areas on campus are set aside for use by visitors; these areas have been located for maximum visitor convenience and are identified by signs at entry points. UCO requires that visitors and conference members use the pay-to-park lots east of the NUC (Lot 10), west of the Lillard Administration building (Lot 57), and north of the Chambers Library (Lot 31), or designated visitor parking (and a valid visitor permit is required).

UCO expects and requires visitors to abide by properly signed or marked parking restrictions. Visitors receiving a parking citation should follow the instructions on the back of the citation, or call TPS for further information.

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Visitor Parking Map