Executive Board

LOT Executive Board 2019-2020

Brook Marshall, President

Contact Brook about anything regarding Leaders of Tomorrow. bmarshall5@uco.edu

Sarah Faust, Vice President

Contact Sarah about Summer and Winter Retreat, End of the Year Banquet, and activity reports. sfaust@uco.edu

Graysen Boyer, Service Chair

Contact Graysen about the LOT group service projects, service opportunities, and activity reports. gboyer@uco.edu

Shania Slavick, Unity Chair

Contact Shania about the Winter Retreat, LOT social events and activity reports. sslavick@uco.edu

Sarah Olson, Logistics Chair

Contact Sarah about general meetings, agendas, meeting minutes, activity reports, and excusal forms. solson8@uco.edu

Jackie Cabrera, Campus Involvement Chair

Contact Jackie about Homecoming and other campus activities. jcabrera3@uco.edu

Student Alumni Association Representative

Makenzie Hill, Incoming Student Representative

Contact Makenzie with questions regarding LOT and incoming student events. mhill43@uco.edu

Laura Kleinmann, Senior Representative

Contact Laura about senior class events and activity reports. lkleinmann@uco.edu

Nicole Bergstrasser, Junior Representative

Contact Nicole about junior class events and activity reports. nbergstrasser@uco.edu

Baylee Schmidlkofer, Sophomore Representative

Contact Baylee about sophomore class events and activity reports. bschmidlkofer@uco.edu