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Dr. Caleb Lack


Phone: (405) 974-5456

Office: OLN 107

Box: 85


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, July 2006, Oklahoma State University, Clinical Psychology program (APA accredited)
  • Master of Science in Psychology, December 2003, Oklahoma State University, Clinical Psychology program (APA accredited)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, May 2001, Oklahoma State University, Honors College degree, Cum Laude

General Information

Caleb W. Lack, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Counseling Practicum Coordinator in the Department of Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma.

A clinical psychologist licensed to practice in both Oklahoma and Arkansas, Dr. Lack is the author of more than thirty scientific publications relating to the assessment and treatment of psychological problems such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, pediatric mood disorders, and posttraumatic stress. In addition, Dr. Lack has presented nationwide and internationally at conferences on a variety of topics, including children’s reactions to natural disasters, computer-based treatment of substance abuse, innovative teaching and training methods, and more. He is on the editorial board of several respected scientific journals as well as a peer-reviewer and a grant reviewer for national agencies.

Dr. Lack’s clinical interest in evidence-based practice developed while in graduate school for Clinical Psychology at Oklahoma State University and during his predoctoral internship in Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology at the University of Florida. He specializes in the treatment of children and adults with anxiety disorders (particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder), psychological assessment, and has extensive experience with persons with chronic tics and Tourette’s Syndrome. He has consulted for and been interviewed by local, national, and international media outlets.

A native Oklahoman, Dr. Lack grew up in the rural community of Mountain View, where his parents still reside and farm and ranch on land that has been owned by the family for close to 100 years. Happily married to Alison Babitzke since May 5, 2007, they have one son, Lucian, born on October 29, 2008.

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  • Who's Who in America (2011)
  • ABMRF – The Foundation for Alcohol Research (2011-2013)
  • Blas Espinoza-Varas, PI; Caleb W. Lack, Research Associate ($100,000 grant)
  • Phi Mu Teacher of the Month, Arkansas Tech University (November 2007)
  • Graduate Research Excellence Award, Master's Level, Oklahoma State University (2004)
  • Phoenix Award finalist for Outstanding Master's Candidate, Oklahoma State University (2003)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, OSU College of Arts & Sciences (2002)


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