College of Education and Professional Studies

If Your External Grant is Funded

IF YOUR GRANT OR CONTRACT IS FUNDED PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION (including all grants or contracts awarded through the Foundation that require financial administration through UCO)

Award Notification

Notify your Chair and the Dean that you have received the award. Make a copy for your files and a copy for the Grant Facilitator. Send the originals to the Office of Research & Grants for their records. If you did not work with the Grant Facilitator on the grant itself, please provide them with a copy of your proposal.

Contract/Agreement Management

All Memorandums of Agreement or other contracts received from an external funding agency need to be reviewed by the Grant Facilitator, the Office of Grants and Contracts, and the Office of Legal Counsel.

  • Make a copy for your files
  • Review the contract with your grant facilitator who will send the information to the Office of Grants and Contracts for their review
  • They will then review the documents and route them for approval from: 1) UCO’s legal department, and 2) other authorizing UCO personnel signature
  • The Office of Grants and Contracts will then return the signed documents to the funding agency. When the fully executed agreement has been returned to the Office of Grants & Contracts by the funding entity, then a copy of the fully executed agreement will be forwarded to the PI, the Grant Facilitator, and UCO Legal, as applicable.

Purchasing Computers and Software

If you have received an award, and part of your budget has been approved to purchase a computer or software, you should contact your IT representative in order to get a quote for the hardware/software. Once they have received a quote for hardware/software that is compatible with UCO’s network, and approved the purchase, then you should contact the Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s office for further instructions on how to purchase the requested      item(s). Some larger clusters of equipment may require at least three bids received by UCO Purchasing before the purchase can be made.  Refer to UCO Purchasing guidelines.

Tracking Grant Expenditures (ORG number)

When all of your contracts are approved, the Office of Grants and Contracts will request the UCO accounting office to set up a unique “ORG” number.

The following people need to have access to the account:

  1. your department’s office administrative assistant;
  2. the Dean’s Executive Office Assistant who is the budget manager for the college; and
  3. the Grant Facilitator (view only rights).

Let the Grants & Contracts office know who needs to have access, so that they may let Accounting know when setting up the ORG. Once you receive notification that an ORG has been established, contact the Dean’s Executive Office Assistant for an overview of the established procedures for purchasing. All expenses related to the grant award need to be charged to the designated ORG number for the grant.

Budget/Contract Period

Once the ORG is set up, the approved budget amount will be available for the specified contract time frame in Banner. When the budget has been entered in banner, expenses can be charged to it.

Overseeing Expenditures

It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that all expenditures made against his/her grant or contract are in compliance with the scope, terms, and conditions of the grantor agreement/contract.

The Office of Grants and Contracts is responsible for overseeing all external grant/contract expenditures (including 501(C)3 Foundation grants if administered through UCO). Their office reviews expenditures to verify they meet the terms and conditions of the award documents and are in compliance with any applicable federal regulations, Oklahoma State regulations, program guidelines, and UCO policies.


If invoicing is applicable, the Office of Grants and Contracts will prepare and submit invoices to the funding agency per the terms of the agreement.


The Office of Grants and Contracts will:

  • provide monthly, quarterly, and/or annual financial reports to you for your review or reporting purposes
  • work with your staff on any of your accounting/tracking needs regarding the grant or contract

The PI is responsible for providing the funding entity any program or technical reporting required by the agreement in the time frame specified.

Research Compliance

If your grant will include work with human subjects or animals, please ensure you submit the relevant applications to the Office of Research Compliance.  If you have an approved IRB or IACUC application, you may provide the approval letter or application number to the funding agency.  If you have any questions about starting the process of completing an IRB or IACUC application, the Office of Research Compliance can guide you through the process.