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International Spotlight



Exploration of the Arts in other countries


International Residency for Artist

In July 2013 I had an artist residency at AIRY-Yamanashi in Kofu City, Japan.  During my stay I was able to work on my artwork and created a new body of artwork there inspired by the Shimenawa rope of Shinto shrines.  I gave an artist talk to members of the Kofu City community and showed my artwork at the end of my stay. I was able to do many cultural things such as tour a traditional Minka village, walk the famous Shosenkyo gorge, and climb Mt. Fuji.


Art Education Exchange and Teaching experience

UCO Art/ Art Education students with other majors traveled to Seoul, Korea during summer. Since summer, 2014, art education program in the Department of Art has offered one month international summer art education course, ART 3301 Visual Arts for Elementary School Teachers, at Hanyang International Summer School, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. UCO art/art education students visited National Museum of Korea, National Contemporary Museum of Korea, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza (DDP), and Children’s Museum of Art to understand cross-cultural perspectives of art, design, and education. They also learned Korean traditional fan painting and seal design at the Museum.

UCO students collaboratively worked with international students from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and America. They also observed elementary art classes and taught cross-cultural art lessons for 6th graders at Hanyang Elementary School, Seoul, Korea. This course will be offered every summer at Hanyang University, Korea.

During Spring, 15, art education student teacher, Kiara Perez, officially taught art for 6th through 12 grade as an art student teacher at Christian Eagle School, Korea from Mar to April 2015.

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