Department of Funeral Service Faculty and Staff Directory


Dr. John Fritch      Chairperson


Lucia Dickinson Assistant Chairperson

Jackie Garman

Jackie Moffatt Administrative Assistant


Angela Knight, J.D.
Associate Professor 

Dr. Knight

Dr. Morgan

  Larry Morgan, J.D.
  Adjunct Faculty

Glenda Stansbury

Glenda Stansbury, MALS, CFSP     Adjunct Faculty


Gary Sokoll, J.D.

Adjunct Faculty, 

Courses Taught: Embalming Chemistry



Department Objectives

  • * To enlarge the background and knowledge of students about the funeral service profession
  • * To educate students in every phase of funeral service, and to help enable them to develop the proficiency and skills necessary of the profession
  • * To educate students concerning the responsibilities of the funeral service profession to the community at large
  • * To emphasize high standards of ethical conduct
  • * To provide curriculum at the post secondary level of instruction
  • * To encourage research in the field of funeral service