UCO RN to BS Track

The RN to BS track at the University of Central Oklahoma is bringing our quality nursing program TO YOU. Our commitment to providing Registered Nurses with quality, convenient, cost-effective baccalaureate nursing education has been the inspiration for our track, which began in Fall 2019. 

Contact the Career Advancement Coordinator at nursing@uco.edu or 974 5000 for further information.

RN to BS, Nursing

Definition:  The RN to BS, Nursing student is someone who is licensed as a Registered Nurse and holds an associate degree in nursing from a program approved by an accrediting agency approved by the department of education or its equivalent.

The RN to BS track is available for RNs who are interested in furthering their nursing education at the University of Central Oklahoma. Upon successful completion, nurses will have earned a Bachelors of Science degree.


  • 8-week courses
  • 24 hours of nursing required
  • At least 30 hours at UCO (may include prerequisites or nursing electives)
  • Full or part time options
  • May complete in as little as 2 semesters full-time
  • No exams
  • 25 hours of Practicum Experiences required in Leadership and Community 


Registered nurses are eligible to apply to the UCO RN to BS track with:
  • an associate degree from an accredited nursing program
  • successful completion of the NCLEX-RN licensure exam
  • completed the university prerequisites
  • a current unencumbered nursing license 


For nursing students that have successfully completed an Associates Degree in Nursing from an accredited program and are licensed as a Registered Nurse, 35 hours of Advanced Standing Credit will be awarded for completion of nursing courses taken in the Associates Program. The Advanced Standing Credits will be awarded upon completion of the required UCO RN to BS nursing courses.

Nursing students graduating with an AA or AS Degree in Nursing will have met the University of Central Oklahoma Core Requirements totaling 42-44 hours. Students with an AAS Degree will be required to complete the University Core Requirements.

In addition, students interested in the RN to BS option must complete the following Nursing Major Requirements (or equivalents as determined by the UCO Academic Advisor) prior to admission to the RN to BS track:

  • CHEM 1014: Introductory Chemistry and Lab
  • BIO 1114: General Biology OR BIO 1204 Biology 1 for Majors
  • NTRN 1513: Introduction to Nutrition
  • PSY 1103: General Psychology
  • SOC 2103: Sociology
  • BIO2314: Intro to Microbiology and Lab
  • BIO 2504: Human Anatomy and Lab OR FNRL 2214: Elementary Human Anatomy and Dissection
  • BIO 2604: Human Physiology and Lab
  • ECON 2173: Principles of Business Statistics OR PSY 2753: Psychological Statistics OR SOC 4043: Sociological Statistics OR STAT 2113: Statistical Methods OR ECON 2303: Statistics for Healthcare OR STAT 2103: Intro to Statistics for Sciences
  • PHIL 1103: Logic and Critical Thinking OR PHIL 1113: Intro to Philosophy OR PHIL 1123: Contemporary Moral Problems OR PHIL 2073: Social & Political Philosophy
  • NURS 2113: Individual and Family Development through the Lifespan 

Nursing Courses

Upon completion of all prerequisites, acceptance to the University of Central Oklahoma and the Department of Nursing RN to BS track, students will take the following Required Nursing Courses. Twenty-four hours of nursing courses are required in the RN to BS track. A plan of study must be developed and agreed upon with the UCO Nursing Career Advancement Coordinator prior to enrollment.

  • Role Development (3 hrs)
  • Civic Engagement (3 hrs)
  • Research & Evidence Based Practice (3 hrs)
  • Community & Systems Health Nursing (3 hrs)
  • Leadership for Career Advancement (3 hrs)
  • Alterations in Health (3 hrs)
  • Advanced Clinical Response (3 hrs)
  • Capstone for Career Advancement (3 hrs) 

Application Process

Each semester there is a preference date and a final deadline.  Students who apply after the preference date will be considered based on space available only.

For Fall enrollment, those dates are May 1st (preference date) and July 1st (final deadline).

For Spring enrollment, students should apply by October 1st (preference date) and December 1st (final deadline).

If the student has graduated from an accredited Associated Program but has not yet taken the NCLEX-RN exam, students may be admitted on condition of successful completion of the NCLEX-RN prior to the beginning of the semester. If the student was conditionally accepted and does not pass the NCLEX-RN exam prior to the first day of classes, they will be withdrawn and are welcome to reapply upon passing the NCLEX.

Step 1. Email transcripts from each college/university you have attended to the RN to BS track Academic Advisor for Nursing, as soon as possible to determine what courses you may need to take prior to application or acceptance.

Step 2. Once notified of required courses by the Academic Advisor, submit your application to UCO. You will need to submit Official Transcripts with your application.

Step 3.  Complete the RN to BS track application.


Online Application

If you have additional questions about the application process, you can review the UCO RN to BS Application Instructions.  

Are you ready to submit your application?  If so, you may do so by selecting this link to the RN to BS Application

Once you get started with the application if you need to stop and return for any reason, simply close out of the screen (your application will be saved) and return to the application from the same computer.


Plan of Study Options

Full and part-time options are available and each block is 8 weeks in length.

Full-time (Complete in 10 months)

  • Fall Block 1: Role Development (3hrs), Civic Engagement (3hrs)
  • Fall Block 2: Research & EBP (3hrs), Community & Systems Health (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 1: Alterations in Health (3hrs), Leadership for Career Adv (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 2: Adv. Clinical Response (3hrs), Capstone for Career Adv (3hrs)
  • Summer: 2 Nursing Electives (if necessary to meet 30 hrs at UCO requirement)

 Part-time (Complete in 21 months)

  • Fall Block 1: Role Development (3hrs)
  • Fall Block 2: Research (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 1: Alterations in Health (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 2: Adv. Clinical Response (3hrs)
  • Summer: 1 Nursing Elective (if necessary) (3hrs)
  • Fall Block 1: Civic Engagement (3hrs)
  • Fall Block 2: Community & Systems Health (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 1: Leadership for Career Adv (3hrs)
  • Spring Block 2: Capstone for Career Adv (3hrs)
  • Summer: 1 Nursing Elective (if necessary) (3hrs)

Contact Information

For information regarding prerequisites or to schedule a transcript review, please contact the RN to BS Track Academic Advisor for Nursing or call (405) 974-2727.  

For more information regarding the RN to BS track, please contact the UCO Dept. of Nursing Career Advancement Coordinator or call (405) 974-5000.