Required Courses:  Graduate Students

The following courses are required for completion of the masters degree with an emphasis in nursing at UCO.  Classes may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.  See the Graduate Program Coordinator to develop your plan of study.

Core Courses

The following core courses are taken by all students in the masters program in the department of nursing.

NURS 5113 Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 5133 Advanced Pharmacology

NURS 5153 Advanced Health Assessment

NURS 5233 Advanced Research and Evidence Based Practice

NURS 5323 Organizational and Systems Leadership

NURS 5332 Healthcare Informatics

NURS 5213 Teaching, Learning, and Nursing Theories

NURS 5412 Clinical Nursing Course

NURS 5980 Graduate Project OR NURS 5990 Graduate Thesis

Education Option

The following courses are taken by students interested in earning a masters degree with an emphasis in nursing education at UCO.

NURS 5423 Curriculum Development in Nursing

NURS 5613 Tests & Evaluation Procedures

NURS 5623 Educational Strategies/Practicum

Specialty Option

Students taking this option are required to take 9 graduate electives.  Electives may be taken from other departments across campus with permission of the graduate coordinator or the following elective courses are available in the department of nursing.

NURS 5353 Legal/Ethical Issues in Healthcare

NURS 5443 Complex Adaptive Systems

NURS 5910 Health Policy and Finance