Forensic Science Institute: About Us

Forensic Science Institute Faculty & Staff

Dwight E. Adams, Ph.D., Director

Debra Clark, Business Manager

Janie Womble, Administrative Assistant III

Stacey Steinmetz, Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor

Thomas Jourdan, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Professor,  Forensic Science Institute and Chemistry

Wayne D. Lord, Ph.D., Professor, Forensic Science Institute and Biology

Mark R. McCoy, Ed.D., Professor, Forensic Science Institute and School of Criminal Justice

John P. Mabry, J.D., Associate Professor, Forensic Science Institute and School of Criminal Justice

James Creecy, Ph.D,  Assistant Professor, Forensic Science Institute and Biology

Craig Gravel, M.A., Instructor, Forensic Science Institute

Caitlin Porterfield, M.S., Instructor, Forensic Science Institute

Adjunct Faculty:

Andrea Swiech- Director, OSBI Forensic Science Center
Dr. Shawn Roberson - Forensic Psychologist
Robert Doke-State Fire Marshal
Heather Schafstall- Criminalist, OSBI
Kama King- Forensic Anthropology
Meagan Raddatz- Crime Scene Processing
Dr. Rhonda Williams- Criminalist, OSBI
Misty Birchfield- Criminalist, OSBI
Keisha Jones- Crime Scene Processing
Katelyn Crandell- OSBI Firearm and Toolmark Examiner
David Parrett-Questioned Documents Examiner
Rachel Elliott-Digital Forensics Examiner, UCO Police
Mistie Burris-OSBI Forensic Chemistry

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