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The Everett Southwest Literary Award

The Everett Family Southwest Literary Award, which is just one of the many generous donations given through the Everett Family Foundation Fund, honors the late Dr. Mark Allen Everett. The Everett Family Literary Award is open to all students and faculty members residing in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, excluding current and former paid employees, faculty and students of the University of Central Oklahoma.

"This award is unique because it aims to reward writers in this region of the country and because of the generous prize amount," notes Constance Squires, Professor of English at the University of Central Oklahoma. Dr. Squires, whose debut novel, Along the Watchtower, was published by Riverhead Books, oversees the selection process and serves as preliminary judge along with a team of graduate students.

The Everett Southwest Literary Award is a short story manuscript contest. For the 2018/2019 contest season we are accepting short story manuscripts of 140 or more pages from October 15, 2018 until December 15, 2018, with the winner to be announced in spring 2019. Short Story writer Rob Roensch will judge the contest. The author of the winning manuscript will receive $5,000 and will be invited to the University of Central Oklahoma to give a reading.

  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced and continuously paginated.
  • The manuscript must be unpublished, although individual stories may have been previously published. This award does not include publication, so we feel no conflict of interest with your efforts to publish your work and will be happy to hear about it if your manuscript goes under contract.
  • Please provide two cover pages -- one with author contact information and one with only the title of the collection. Author’s name should not appear anywhere within the manuscript.
  • Past or present students or employees of the University of Central Oklahoma are ineligible.
  • The contest submission fee is $25.00. Checks or money orders accepted.
  • If you have questions, drop us a line at EverettAward@uco.edu. Please send manuscript, together with the entry fee and SASE for contest results, to:

    The Everett Southwest Literary Prize
    c/o English Department
    University of Central Oklahoma
    100 N. University Drive
    Box 184
    Edmond, OK 73034