Broncho Buddies

Frequently Answered Questions for Domestic Students


How will I benefit?

Being a part of BB can have lifelong benefits. You get the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange teaching your buddy about the American way of life while at the same time learning about another culture right here in Oklahoma without ever leaving your university.

Who can participate in BB?

Anyone who is a UCO student with an open mind, and curiosity to learn about other cultures can participate in BB.

What are the requirements?

In order to be a part of BB you must be a UCO student. We require that you spend time with your buddy at least once a month; we encourage you to spend as much time together as possible. Spending time with your buddy does not have to be expensive or difficult. Simply introducing your buddy to students and friends will help make his or her experience here at UCO that much better.

How much does BB cost?

It does not cost to join BB. The Centre for Global Competency pays for many of the events provided through BB. Occasionally, the BB's will participate in a group event and each BB will be asked to share a part of the cost. For example, every year we go to a basketball game. For that game, the CGC might pay for transportation and then ask each BB to pay for their own ticket to the game.

How can I apply?

The easiest and most convenient way to apply to be a Broncho Buddy is to fill out the online application form located on the bottom of the Broncho Buddies home page. If you would like more information feel free to stop by the Centre for Global Competency, NUC, Room 137 to speak with someone in person.

What happens after I apply for BB?

After you apply to join BB we will use your application to match you appropriately with an international student. Later, you will receive detailed information regarding your Buddy, and the organized kickoff party in September where you get to meet your Buddy for the first time!

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