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The Mary Rose Documentary
Fall 2010 

What’s a land-locked American State and the Mary Rose got in common? A very talented composer by the name of Callen Clarke and a musician by the name of Kyle Dillingham. Inspired by his passion for the Mary Rose and maritime history, Callen composed a tribute to the Mary Rose for solo violin and symphony orchestra, which received its world premiere on 17 November last year, performed by Kyle, a musical ambassador for the State of Oklahoma, along with the Oklahoma City Orchestra. Attended by over 900 people the tribute was a memorable experience for both Peter Taylor and Sally Tyrrell who attended the concert as guests of honor for the Mary Rose. It also gave them the opportunity of spreading the word about the project in Oklahoma to all those who they met and to gain a pledge of 100 new crew members.

Such was the enthusiasm for the musical tribute, 17 November has now been proclaimed Mary Rose Day by the Governor of the State and the Mayor of the City of Oklahoma. Callen and Kyle said “music provides a new entry point for public awareness of and interest in the Mary Rose and we hope presenting the story to a new audience in Midwestern America will provide a fresh impetus to the objects of the project”. A close liaison has been established with the Oklahoma Central University and Dr Dennis Dunham, Executive Director of International Affairs who was instrumental in the musical tribute. The Mary Rose hopes to build on the close links formed and to develop ways in which the City of Oklahoma and its citizens can help achieve the fundraising targets for the new museum.

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Argosy Overture
Fall 2009 

The University of Central Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra takes a musical voyage with UCO Ambassador in Residence Kyle Dillingham for the premiere performance of the original composition "Arogsy Overture". The event celebrates the one-year anniversary of the UCO Centre for Global Competency. The original piece, "Argosy Overture," composed by Callen Clarke, an Edmond resident and professional musician, depicts the travels of a global explorer. An argosy is a large merchant ship, which is used as a metaphor for travelers in the composition. 

The Argosy Overture has two themes, representing the argosy and a single explorer’s transformational journey.  The composition begins with the Argosy, a strong, sturdy ship capable of long journeys. The explorer, represented by the violinist, asks a question of the world (the orchestra) which is at first unanswered. The violinist asks the question until he has acquired a fund of experience sufficient to be something of an answer. Musically the individual and the world come together in a dialogue, and so the theme is at last resolved. But in the final measures, the violin responds back – in sync with the world, but with an unexpected timbre —he has found his own note.

CGC Opening Ceremony with Lisa Ling
Spring 2008 

To celebrate and introduce this initiative to the community, guest speaker Lisa Ling, special correspondent for the “Oprah” show, contributor to the National Geographic Network and former co-host of ABC’s “The View,” offered a presentation on the value of global competency and perspective based on her experiences covering stories throughout the world. Oklahoma’s Musical Ambassador Kyle Dillingham also was featured during the opening celebration. The renowned violinist has shared his musical diplomacy with appreciative audiences in France, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Ghana and beyond.

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