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Academic Achievement

You can take any course related to an international topic. The coordinator of the Centre for Global Competency, as well as the Globally Competent Officer, will help you choose and will approve the courses that you would like to apply towards the certification. You will be surprised; many students find they have already filled this requirement

The Academic Achievement component of the Global Competency Certification consists of a 9 hour curriculum designed by the student, the advisors from the Centre, and by faculty advisors. The curriculum intertwines with a standard degree program with no additional hours required. This program of study includes, but is not limited to Communication, International Business, Global Studies and other courses related to the international experience. Completion of the prescribed coursework ensures that you are exposed to a wide array of international experiences in a classroom setting, as well as provided with valuable training to carry into your future profession.

Language Courses:

You are required to take 12 credit hours of a language or demonstrate language proficiency. Please keep in mind that if you are taking language courses on a Study Abroad program overseas, you can count those as part of the certification, as well as the Study Abroad program itself.

The Coordinator of the Centre for Global Competency and the Faculty Global Competency Officer will advise you as to which courses are available.


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