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The University of Central Oklahoma strives to provide the best international opportunities for our students; from a Study Abroad experience in Taiwan, to an International Internship in South Korea sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education. These students are exposed to situations that take them out of their comfort zone. After earning the Global Competency Certificate the student will show the following characteristics:

- The ability to successfully adapt to new environments, challenges, and situations.
- The ability to communicate in a second language other than English.
- International leadership skills.
- The ability to promote diversity in the workplace
- Responsibility demonstrated by prioritizing tasks and duties.
- The ability to accept and understand co-workers with different backgrounds; leading to a friendlier and more productive work environment.

Many of our students who have completed the program feel confident in facing new challenges after college life. They feel more prepared, mature and responsible to embrace the rigorous demands of the workplace, private or public.

The Centre for Global Competency works very closely with many community leaders in the Oklahoma City / Edmond area. If you would like to become part of this innovative program, feel free to contact our office. We are always open to new ideas, challenges, and relationships that could benefit the development of our students and the growth of your business.


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