Centre for Global Competency - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma


The Centre for Global Competency provides a unique opportunity for UCO students to earn a certificate, issued by the university that confirms that the individual has participated in the necessary activities to become a globally competent person.

While you are earning the certification, the Center for Global Competency not only provides you the international experiences necessary; but also, the business partners, community leaders, and international associates to recognize your global competency certification. By this recognition, you will have a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace as companies and businesses consider your competency.

The Global Competency Certification entails different components to ensure exposure to international experiences. The components are as follows:

  1. - Academic Achievement
  2. - Global Experience.
  3. - Capstone Project.

This certification is open to all UCO students, including any major or minor.

Note: You do not have to be part of the certification in order to participate in a Study Abroad Program.

Class I, CGC 2020 Certificate of Global Competency

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