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CGC and the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR)

The University of Central Oklahoma seeks to engage students in Transformative Learning in six core areas: Discipline Knowledge; Global and Cultural Competencies; Health and Wellness; Leadership; Research, Creative and Scholarly Activities; and Service Learning and Civic Engagement.

Students' academic transcripts display their aptitude in their Discipline Knowledge, but how can they track and display their growth in these other important areas? UCO's Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) is like a second transcript that records students' growth across the other five of UCO's Central Six Tenets.

For example, students might:

  1. Learn how to work well in teams with people whose opinions differ from their own;
  2. Develop leadership skills as president of a student organization;
  3. Improve their ability to interact positively and appropriately with co-workers, customers, and others from different countries and cultures in their classes;
  4. Find out how to contribute as productive citizens to their local communities, the nation, and the world through volunteering;
  5. Might practice solving unscripted problems and devise creative solutions while doing independent research.

Students reflect on their experiences, then receive feedback from a trained faculty or staff member. Students store these experiential artifacts in different versions of ePortfolios that they can share with potential employers, graduate schools, or others to highlight their most employable strengths.

In addition to study abroad, the Centre for Global Competency encourages all students to take advantage of on-campus activities to further develop their intercultural competence.

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