Centre for Global Competency - a Division of Student Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma

Centre for Global Competency

The Centre for Global Competency (CGC) was born out of UCO's mission of transformative learning, and is a joint venture between the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs. We are committed to providing a range of education abroad programs such as international internships, short-term faculty-led courses, and over 60 semester programs abroad in more than 28 countries in various parts of the world. We not only manage the logistics of our education abroad programs, but also focus on helping students develop greater intercultural competence by engaging in the experience with curiosity, resilience, and reflection.

The CGC provides the necessary guidance throughout your education abroad experience, including the process of obtaining a visa, booking housing accommodations, ensuring the transferability of courses, applying for scholarships, and most importantly helping you navigate a meaningful study abroad experience.

By participating in an exchange agreement with our international partner institutions and universities, you could be eligible for Financial Aid and scholarships to cover living and travel expenses. You will be surprised to learn just how affordable an education abroad program is at UCO; whether it is for one or two semesters, our goal is to help students plan financially so the costs of study abroad are easily managed.

We understand that not everyone has the option to leave home for a long period of time. For this reason, the CGC brings the world to you. Throughout the year, we organize intercultural events and activities so you can experience different cultures without leaving Oklahoma. Whether it is attending a CGC event with your "buddy" by participating in the Broncho Buddies program, or having dinner with an international family through the IGNITE program, any student can take advantage of UCO’s diverse campus and learn about another culture.

The CGC also provides the Global Competency Certification, a unique program that gives you the opportunity to be recognized by the community for engaging in cross-cultural learning and leadership. You will gain the necessary skills to adapt to different cultures, to operate successfully within an international context, to communicate in languages other than English, and to further develop your personal as well as professional leadership skills.



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