Broncho 'Mates

The newest program of the Office of Global Affairs is the International House ‘Mates Program. The purpose of the 'Mates program is to facilitate global engagement and intercultural proficiencies between American and international students at UCO and to catalyze transformative learning. The program consists of 10 pairs of partners (one American student and one international student) that will be chosen based on their application and then paired with one another based on similar interests to become roommates at the International House.  Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about each other’s culture through being partners in Central’s Broncho Buddy program. Upon completion of the program, each pair of partners will be expected to share their experience with other members of the UCO community about their transformative learning experience. Fundraising will begin soon with the goal of having each participant receive a scholarship of $2000 each year. The name of the 'Mates program came from the word used in Australia and New Zealand to address a friend and the second half of the word 'roomate' since the students will be new friends living together as roommates. 

Applying for the Program 

To apply for the International House 'Mates Program, students will need to complete the following:

1.    2-PAGE APPLICATION (Available at the beginning of each spring semester.)

2.    COVER LETTER REQUIREMENT - Each applicant shall submit a cover letter

3.    ESSAY REQUIREMENT - Each applicant should also submit an essay regarding your interest in the IHM Program.

Please be sure to highlight the following:

a.    Interest in the program

b.    Discussion of cultural exchange, specifically how you might need to prepare to live with someone from another culture

c.     Challenges which might arise in this experience for either you or your friend and how you would attempt to address those challenges

d.    What you hope to learn from the program

e.    What contributions you can make to the program and to the campus community


Guidelines for the 'Mates Program

1.    The application will be available at the beginning of each spring semester. Students will be notified if they have been accepted into the program prior to Spring Break every year.

2.    The cultural exchange in this particular program should be between an international student and an American student.  Permanent residents may be eligible depending on the "American" experience, which can be offered to the international student during his or her stay in the home.  Applicants would be encouraged to expand upon this information in the application process, specifically the essay and cover letters.

3.    Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have good social standing with UCO

4.    Students interested in the program must complete all required and necessary paperwork.

5.    The Manager of International Programming and the Broncho Buddies International Programming Assistant from the International House will review applications for the program.

6.    Students who wish to join must commit to being in the program for one school year

7.    Students selected for the program must become active participants in the Broncho Buddies program together

8.    Students who are chosen for the program shall assist the Manager of International Programming in promoting the program at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Promotion events can include, but are not limited to articles in The Vista, international orientation, the UCO involvement fair, presentations to students, faculty, and staff, website blogs, and e-mail campaigns, etc.

9.    Selected participants shall also share their experience in an essay or video interview with their buddy at the end of the program each year.