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Broncho Buddies 

What is Broncho Buddies?

Broncho Buddies is an intercultural program pairing UCO domestic students with international students. After being matched by common interests, students are introduced at a kickoff party in September. Throughout the semester the Centre for Global Competency hosts fun events for Broncho Buddies to attend. Typical events include Thunder basketball games, Laser Tag, Bowling, and Cultural Excursions throughout Edmond and Oklahoma City. Broncho Buddies are required to spend time with each other at least once a month. Domestic students get the opportunity to learn about other cultures from all over the world without ever leaving Oklahoma, and international students get the chance to learn about the American culture through fun local events. The goal of this program is to learn about other cultures by crossing cultural boundaries, and to have fun while doing so!

How can I apply?

If you are interested in participating in Broncho Buddies you can apply by filling out the online application form. If you would like more information please feel free to stop by the in the International House Room 202 or 204. You can also e-mail any questions to Bjørg Nikolajsen Hansen at or Jared Scism at



"Broncho Buddies has opened my eyes to the number of international students we have here at Central. My Broncho Buddy and I are really close and we’ve built a real lifelong friendship that I will cherish forever!" – Daniele, U.S.A.

"Having been in Oklahoma for a short period of time, Broncho Buddies has helped me make new friends and gain new experiences with different cultures. My Buddy and I make a good pair and we enjoyed hanging out together. We will surely be friends beyond this program. I love Broncho buddies and UCO!!!" –Adah, Zambia




“In my 3 years here at UCO, Broncho Buddies has been one of the best experiences that I've been a part of. My Buddy Faris and I have so much in common and I would be there in an instant if he needed anything. The friendship that we've built will carry on long after graduation.” – Luke, U.S.A. 

“Broncho Buddies has been a great experience for me; I've met a lot of people through the program and I'm especially glad to have been paired up with Luke. We have a lot more in common than I expected and I enjoy spending time with him. We've established quite the friendship!” – Faris, Malaysia 



“Nela and I are basically the same person but come from different cultures. Our similar personalities have allowed us to combine our circles of friends and we’ve learned so much about each other's cultures.” – Katie, U.S.A.

“I have been in this program for 3 semesters now and I have absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. Every event the CGC team puts on is extremely interesting and very beneficial for students who love learning about other cultures. My friendship with my Broncho Buddy Katie is proof of how two people can function so well together, despite the cultural differences.” – Nela, Macedonia





“If it wasn't for Broncho Buddies, I don't think I would be culturally aware of our International students here at Central. I am so glad I participated in the program and gotten to know my Buddy!” – LV, U.S.A.

“My Broncho Buddy is awesome! I’ve enjoyed life here in the US so much more thanks to him taking me out to visit places. I'm so glad that there is a program like this here in Central.” – Minsik, South Korea  



 “Broncho Buddy is such an awesome program! I got to experience the American as well as other cultures through the events organized by the team. I love my Buddy Julie! She has helped me step out of my shell and we share so many great times together!” – Iris, China

“Having Iris as a Buddy has been such a wonderful experience. I learned so much more about my own culture through her eyes and we have built such an amazing friendship that will last a lifetime!” – Julie, U.S.A.


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Frequently Answered Questions for Domestic Students

Frequently Answered Questions for International Students 

This program counts towards your certification for global competency.


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