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What is CRISP?

This program is designed to bring international students together with American families.  Families from the Edmond/Oklahoma City area are paired with international students from the University of Central Oklahoma. The goal of CRISP is for the families and international students to spend time together at least once a month. This gives international students a firsthand experience of how an American family lives, and American families can learn about other cultures, and appreciate the diversity that is represented at UCO. Additionally, we would like to give international students the opportunity to experience the American lifestyle and the comforts of a family. CRISP families can spend time together through individually planned activities, or through one of the Centre for Global Competency's monthly CRISP events.


Who can participate in CRISP?

Families who are interested in learning about other cultures or simply want to experience something new, and any UCO international student who has the desire to go beyond the typical life of college students and have a greater experience as an international student in America will love this opportunity. As a student, you will have the chance to go off campus and spend time with a family. They will learn from you, and you will learn from them.

How to get involved?

Getting involved with CRISP is very easy. Simply fill out an application form located at the bottom of the page, and someone will be in touch will you soon after. For more information, you can contact Aleecia Delozier at or 405-974-5577 or Jared Scism at You can also stop by the at the International House Room 202 or 204.


Rise With Her CRISP Family on Halloween at a Hockey Game 

“The CRISP program provided a unique experience for our family and allowed us to meet someone from another country that we would have never met otherwise. It was a wonderful experience for the whole family and we made great memories with someone near and dear to us now! Not only did we get to learn about another country with a deeper understanding than from just reading a book, but we developed a lasting friendship! She will always be a part of our family and we look forward to keeping in contact with her through the years!”

--The Gottschalk Family

 “My CRISP experience has been amazing. I loved my family and we had so much fun every time we spend time together. I could not have been luckier in meeting this family!... I am going to miss these guys a lot, and they will forever have special place in my heart!”

--Rise, Norway   



Lukas With His CRISP Family Playing Racquetball

“We joined the CRISP program to help welcome international students into our community, but we never anticipated was how meaningful it would be for our family as well. Lukas joined our family for the Fall Semester on an exchange program between UCO and his university in Switzerland. He is a great guy: respectful, bright, and excited about experiencing new things in America. I have four young kids and they immediately warmed up to Lukas and wanted to spend time with him (playing basketball, board games, or reading books). In addition, CRISP is an excellent way for American families to experience the flavor of other cultures. Lukas showed us pictures of his home in Switzerland, some of his favorite ski areas, and shared a lot with us about the Swiss culture. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

--The Pinter Family

"CRISP gave me the opportunity to get in contact with an American family during my exchange semester at UCO. I met the wonderful family, Pinter, with their four lovely boys. I ate several times dinner with them, played Racquetball with the older boys and Jeff, and went to watch Santa Clause. CRISP is a great program and I recommend every international student to join. The uncertainty at the beginning turns really fast into joy and you'll experience a great time.”

--Lukas, Switzerland

CRISP FAQ's for Students

CRISP FAQ's for Families

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