Incident Report

INCIDENT REPORTING (For Faculty and Staff members only)

Be sure to report and document incidents of behavioral and sexual misconduct, emergencies, injuries, and/or concerns as soon as possible (within 24 hours).  This is to ensure that proper action is taken for response, investigation, liability and insurance purposes.  Complete the incident report and submit.  Upon completion the report will be sent to Kathy Gradnigo, at the Office of Risk Management. This office will route the report to the appropriate person.  Please also notify your chair or supervisor.  Thank you. If you have additional questions, you may also contact the relevant area:

- Adrienne Martinez (, Title IX Coordinator, for protocol for Title IX (i.e. sexual misconduct, gender-based harassment and discrimination) issues, resources, and safety informatio.

- Chris Snoddy (, Student Conduct Director, for protocol for behavioral misconduct and/or concerns.

- Norman Nieves (, Emergency Management Director, for protocol for emergencies.

- Kathy Gradnigo (, Risk Manager, for protocol for injuries.