UCO Study Tours

A study tour is a credit-bearing course in which the majority of the academic work is accomplished through group study and travel outside the UCO campus. It provides a group of students with an applied, supervised experience at an off-campus location, whether abroad or in the United States, and enhances the student's classroom knowledge of an academic discipline(s) through first-hand exposure. Once on site, travel during the study tour is an integral part of the learning process.

Important Financial Note: The program costs listed typically cover airfare, lodging, local transportation, guided activities and select meals. The cost for UCO tuition is in addition to the program fees listed and will be charged to your student Bursar account. If you have questions about program fees, please contact the faculty leader.

How do I apply?

Follow the steps below to research program options and apply to a UCO faculty-led study tour.

  1. Visit https://bronchosabroad.uco.edu and create a profile
  2. Click on Programs in the menu bar and then "View All Travel Programs"
  3. Research the various program options by clicking on each individual tour page for more details
  4. Once you have selected a program, click the "Start My Application" button and enter the requested details - be sure to hit the "Save & Submit" button at the bottom of the page
  5. After your application has been reviewed and you are accepted into a program, click the red "Commit" button next to the program application name on your Traveler Dashboard.

Questions? Contact cgc@uco.edu