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The purpose of the Training Program is to facilitate and further the professional development of advanced trainees, including clinical and conceptualization skills and relationship-building abilities in the context of a supportive, growth-enhancing environment.  Training opportunities currently include a doctoral and master's student practicum.  Post-doctoral fellowships have been offered in the past and inquiries about future possibilities should be directed to the Student Counseling Services

Trainees will see university students in individual, group and couple's counseling with a variety of concerns.  Clients often present with issues such as relationships, life transitions, grief, self-image, depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drug abuse, along with other concerns.  Trainees will have the opportunity to work with short-term clients as well as to provide longer-term counseling, as appropriate to client needs.  Opportunities are available to present programs to classes and campus organizations, developing the trainee's self-confidence in public speaking.  The Stress Reduction Clinic, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program and suicide prevention training also provide options for acquiring additional skills.

As part of their overall experience, trainees will be provided with individual and group supervision and will participate in didactic training and case conferences.  Continuing education is encouraged and time may be reserved for professional reading, workshop participation and networking opportunities.  The SCC support and professional staff are committed to providing a unique, educational, and enjoyable experience for practicum students and interns.


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