Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life guides and supports the Central fraternity and sorority community, ensuring our organizations provide their members with a transformative, values-based experience.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life seeks to contribute to the mission and vision of the University of Central Oklahoma.  In addition to Central's beliefs and values and those of the Division of Student Affairs, our community seeks to uphold and advance the following beliefs.


Being a member of the Greek community creates a deeper bond of friendships and a sense of loyalty that provides an individual with a sense of family throughout one's lifetime.  Members of the Greek community are exposed to many different personalities, interests and challenges beneficial for social growth, while forming lifelong friendships. The bonds you develop with other members in your chapter are more than just friendships. Members support each other through challenges, and older brothers and sisters encourage and foster growth in new members. Friendships developed in college will continue to flourish even after you graduate. Every chapter has an alumni network to assist members in adjusting to new communities, whether its finding employment or offering personal friendship based on the common experience of membership in your organization.   


Fraternity and Sorority Life provides a variety of leadership opportunities. Members may participate in governance as a chapter officer or by serving on one of the many committees and subcommittees that each chapter maintains. In addition, leadership programs and conferences within each fraternity at the local, regional and national level also provide an opportunity for members to sharpen their leadership skills.  As leaders it is important to challenge the community to high ideals.   We should lead by example and be selfless, confident, and value-based role models.   It is our responsibility as leaders to promote unity within the Greek and local communities.  

Lifelong Learning:

Historically, Greek-letter organizations were founded on the principles of academic success and camaraderie. Today, our Greek-letter organizations continue to strive for academic excellence. Our members realize that academic achievement is the main priority of Central students. Chapters promote scholarship by providing academic resources for their members including tutoring, academic advisors, study groups and scholarships. Chapter members often work with new students to help their adjustment to their new surroundings, and specifically the rigors of university academics. Many chapters have a rewards system based on GPA. Prospective members must meet a minimum GPA in order to be initiated and then must maintain a minimum GPA to remain an active member.  


A Central Greek believes in the inherent value of all individuals and treats others with respect and dignity. The new-member period is a process of learning, inspiration and achievement-not one of hazing, degradation or humiliation.  Within our fraternity and sorority community, we share a set of common values in which we have instilled a support system to hold each other accountable to the highest standards, ideals, and a healthy lifestyle.  


Service to others is a cornerstone of all Greek organizations. Service activities provide members with the opportunity to support many philanthropic causes on campus and within the surrounding community. Annually, the Greek community addresses the needs of both the City of Edmond and the University communities by sponsoring service and philanthropic projects that contribute thousands of dollars and countless hours of community service.  The ability to touch the lives of others through your efforts will undoubtedly be one of the more memorable experiences you will have as a member of a fraternity or sorority.